The Reconnect Course

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4-week online intensive

For women who want to stop feeling alone and isolated, grow mentally, physically and spiritually.  To cultivate a deep connection with self and others to heal and bring your soul into the light.

Book a call with Angel to discuss if RECONNECT is right for you.

It’s time to shine a bright light on your soul so that you can be the person you were born to be!

We Know that there is more out there to be lived!

Sound Familiar?  You’re Not Alone!

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Introducing the
Reconnect Course

A 4 week immersion + community for women + coaching like no other

This program provides you with framework, mentorship and confidence to grow, RECONNECT with your light and learn how to shine in your life again.

You will be guided through this process by Angel Evanger, Mindfulness Educator and Yoga Teacher and supported along the way by our kick-ass community.

Over the course of the program, Angel will teach you how to come “home” by healing and mending their soul, dismantling your shame, and introducing you to new ways of thinking and living.

Get laser-focused, and receive the EXACT step-by-step blueprint Angel has designed to create lasting transformation and an internal shift that brings you into alignment with your highest potential.

Experience unsurpassed support and accountability, along with tectonic shifts in your personal growth that translate into real-world success and truly spectacular results.

Imagine how it will feel…

  • to confidently set boundaries that allow you to release anxiety and foster internal growth
  • to go deeply into the center of your self or soul. This can help you take your spiritual practice to the next level and make positive changes in your self, your life, and the world around you.

    An awareness of the physical and mental koshas is the starting point for you to become aware of the deeper layers within.

    create an online offering that is profitable, scalable, accessible, and full of your  ideal students

  • overcome your fears so that you can reach more people around the world, make a positive impact, and make more money

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