From Corporate to Entrepreneur with Kathy Grassett

Published | Mar 14, 2023
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Kathy Grassett talks about how she went from a long corporate career to business owner and how rediscovering and reinventing herself was a much larger transition than she first thought.

Often, the longer you’ve been in corporate (or any profession) and/or the higher level of success you’ve reached, the more difficult it is to start or grow your own business because your identity is still so deeply connected to your former career – and it’s often an identity that contradicts with the real you.

Many women have lost themselves and don’t know who they really are outside of the career they left behind. She helps women master the shifts from their former corporate persona to an authentic, money-making entrepreneur. Sometimes the women that seem the best positioned to thrive in their business actually need the most help and it all starts from within.

Kathy Grassett is a business coach specializing in helping women reinvent themselves as premier entrepreneurs after long corporate careers. She teaches clients strategies for rediscovering themselves and mastering the shift from employee to entrepreneur, so they can 10x their income and achieve even greater success than they did in corporate.

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Kathy Grassett

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