Intuition is Your Biggest Gift

Published | Feb 17, 2023
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Intuition is Your Biggest Gift You Will Ever Receive

We are born with the biggest and best gift you will ever receive in your lifetime. It is your internal guide that will help you through anything. Your intuition will lead you to the best decision for your highest good. It won’t steer you wrong.

But many of us don’t know how to access it. We are constantly surrounded with noise and distractions. So much so that it has been more difficult to hear it, to connect to it. It has been especially difficult if you are new to connecting to it.

Some people describe it as a “gut” feeling. Scientists are now discovering that the gut is like our second brain. It handles the levels of serotonin our brain creates and so much more. What we once thought was only for processing food, it now responsible for how our body runs. Pretty extraordinary.

Have you ever met someone and had this feeling something was off? That something was wrong? You felt it, but you couldn’t pin point where it was coming from or why? That is your intuition. Some times it is loud and easy to hear, but most of the time it is quiet and subtle.

This is why it is so important to get quiet. To turn off all the noise. Try and sit somewhere quiet, where you wont be disturbed and ask a question. Something where you need to decide between 2 choices. Example: Should I stay at my job or look for a new one? Get quiet, close your eyes and ask. How does your body feel when you think about one option vs the other? How does your gut react? Does you heart flutter?

It takes some practice and patience, but it is there. If you want to learn more about your intuition, check out the book, Radical Intuition from Kim Chestney. It is one of my favorites and why she is a personal mentor.

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