Depression Doesn’t

Define Me


January 8 at 3 PM PST

5 Steps for Living a More Fufilling Life with Depression

It’s time to shine a bright light on your soul so that you can be the person you were born to be!

We Know that there is more out there to be lived!

Imagine how it would feel…

Discover your deeper relationship with yourself!

Live in alignment of your true values!

Reclaim your confidenece and awaken to your true potential

Break free from your limiting beliefs!

Connect with like-minded women!

Be empowered to live your goals and dreams!

Come join us for this one evening event!

January 8 at 3 PM PST

Depression Doesn’t Define Me

Learn the 5 steps you can take towards living a more fulfilling life with depression and anxiety.

  1. Learn how your history may contribute to what you are experiencing
  2. Discover where you are and where you want to be
  3. Identify your triggers and how to redefine them
  4. Plan what living with joy looks like
  5. Create your path for living with joy and passion

One Night Only!

Are you a women struggling to connect to life?  Who is ready to HEAL, GROW, and RECONNECT with purpose, and passion to create a vibrant life?

Imagine how it will feel…

  • To confidently set boundaries that allow you to release anxiety and foster internal growth
  • To go deeply into the center of your self or soul and take your spiritual practice to the next level
  • To have coping mechangisms that support you on your path to overall wellness
  • To cultivate a deep connection with yoursel and others and shift from feeling alone to connected and peaceful.
  • If you were able to become the person you were born to be

What People Are Saying…

“Thank you so much for what you do and the people you talk to.  The impact it has is beyond words!”


“Angel has always had. a soft spirit about her.  Reliability and caring are two of her greatest attributes she brought to the Yoga studio. She invests into what she believes in and it shows.  I’m appreciative of having met Angel and having example of how to be a good human in the world.”


Owner, Lodi Yoga

Hi, I’m Angel Evanger

Born and raised in California, I have been on a lifelong search to become the best human being I could  be.  In 1999 I married my husband who came with a bonus daughter, and had two additional beautiful girls.  With family being the main focus of my life, I continued finding ways to transform myself.

Having lived with depression and anxiety for most of my kids young lives, I found refuge in yoga and yoga philosophy.  So much so that I became an instructor and began studying eastern philosophy and dove deep into self discovery.  It became my mission to share this ancient knowledge and life alternating techniques to RECONNECT, AWAKEN and RECLAIM confidence to shift from being alone too connected and peaceful so you can become the women you were born to be.

Come Join Us for this One Evening Event

January 8 at 3pm pst