What is Your Subconscious Mind Telling You with Kim van de sante

Published | Mar 28, 2023
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Have you ever given thought to what we surround ourselves with effects our subconscious mind? When we watch the news for hours or hang out with toxic friends, it leaves an imprint on our subconscious that effects how we feel, how we interact with others and how we carry on our day.

Kim van de sande shares with us how we actually absorb these things and then attract more of the same. She even stopped watching TV because she only wanted have control over what she exposes to herself.


“The time is now to step fully into your light, to be a contribution by being
YOU and experiencing abundance in all areas of your life by doing what you love!” – Kim van de Sande

Kim a Sacred Architect, Cosmic Channel and High Priestess who helps people all across the globe to ascend and amplify their ability to fully embody their divine potential with the speed of light, leading to elevated income, connections, fulfillment, and abundance.

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Activating the Flower of Love: A Sacred Guide to Manifesting your Deepest Desires and Highest Calling

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