Working Mums and Entrepreneurs with Emma and Tennille

Published | Mar 21, 2023
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Emma and Tennille reinvented themselves in their 40s. The strategies they employ to overcome self-doubt, confidence, impostor syndrome, and skills we all struggle with at different times of our lives.

We talk about being mums while building a business and having systems in place to have it be successful. And how as business owners, it often means integrating business into your lives as mums.

Emma and Tennille are ski bum mums based in Australia who host the ‘Loving the Snow Life’ Podcast. Their podcast helps families plan their next snow trip and find ways to get there with logistics and so on.

Emma and Tennille have skied over 95 different resorts between them, both hold ski instructor qualifications and worked at snow resorts around the world and live and breathe snow sports, resorts and the mountain lifestyle.

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